Do you want to lose weight, maintain your weight more effectively or gain some weight?  We can help you with our tried and tested methods.  Let us help you get into the best shape of your life!

Why choose YAA YAA Nutrition & Wellness? We are Nutrition, Health and Fitness Consultants who have personally managed to completely transform our own physical condition and wellbeing through improved Nutrition, Fitness and Lifestyle changes that are very simple and we aim to help you get into the best shape of your life. 

People often ask us “how did you lose so much weight?” “How did you get so toned? What’s your secret? What do you eat?” – Get involved with YAA YAA NUTRITION & WELLNESS to find out more and Get Fit for Life!  

Lose Weight – Personalised one to one service recommended

Maintain your Weight Loss – Ideal for helping you maintain your healthy weight after reaching you goal
Gain Weight – If you are under-weight or you need to increase your body mass, we can help.

Our Services include: 

  • One-to-one consultations - Face to Face, video calls, by telephone or online - We offer a truly personalised service through our one to one consultations. 
  • Weight loss support and motivation  
  • Personalised Meal Plans
  • Education regarding a balanced diet
  • Improved food preparation techniques
  • Nutritionally balanced recipes depending on your goals
  • Exercise plans
  • If you need to put on weight – we can advise a healthy way
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Vitamin & Nutrient Balancing
  • Body fat, lean muscles and Water Analysis

We offer personalised one-to-one consultations for clients in the UK and World

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